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Right now The Free Welcome Mat is filled with incredible archives that are a rich resource for all hookers. It is a beautiful rug hooking library. You can enter and roam the “stacks’ for interesting tidbits, facts and inspirations free of charge and my plan is that it always remain so.

This summer I’ve ignited the Welcome Mat “printing press” and got the old girl running again. We’ve been reminded of the joy to be found in connecting over our love of rug hooking.

I’m pleased to announce we are starting on a new journey beginning September 1, 2017. I’ll be creating 5 new exciting sections in the Mat.

They are more like a news stand than a library, up to date discussions, lessons, patterns and formulas and inspirations.

These will contain all the things you've loved and been used to receiving from me in this venue, The Welcome Mat in the past.

 Yes, a gorgeous collection of top quality information and instruction not found elsewhere.

This information lets you steer your own creative boat towards self expression, and helps you discover the artist within you or refines the one you've already become. Topics and tips that will help you master the practise and art of rug hooking. My joy is to help you be the rug hooker you dream about, to boost our rug hooking to places we can't even dream of yet. 

I'm also excited to announce you can pick and choose which of the 5 sections of my "news stand" you'd like to be a part of.

You can join one, two, three, four or all five  sections according to your areas of interest. You can join each one at any time. Each subscription will run for 1 year from the time of sign up.

In these new sections I will answer questions, instruct, be present and invigorate your hooking. These sections are:

Daily Bread Discussions- Each week 4 or 5 discussion topics to encourage, inspire, excite or tip you in the right direction. 

$20 annually

Teach:  lessons on design, including free patterns and their instructions. We will have challenges, such as our yearly January Journal project. I will provide lessons for rug hookers of all stages, including beginner and advanced and every stage between and in every style.  Look for this fall's pattern, The Spirit Tree.

$40 annually

Colour:  including dyeing tips and hints, formulas, methods, the kind of things you've come to expect from my columns in Rug Hooking magazine and in Dyeing To Know here in the Mat where I had a concurrent dye column.

We will also explore at great length the use of colours in rug hooking by developing a deeper understanding of how colour works and how to create colour effects in wool. We will look into the effective and expressive use of colour in rug hooking, we will grab hold of the tools we need to paint with wool. We will learn how colour planning works  and help you be more confident with colour 

$60 annually


Process: reveals the way we go about developing projects, what arises, how we overcome to succeed.

The nuts and bolts of what it takes to create your own vision. You can get help if you are stuck on a rug of your own.

We will look at my process during each of my hooking projects, what I think about, how I move ahead, what I learn. It will be a revealing of my inner workings and yours if you wish to show your works in progress there. This is a nurturing supportive environment for artistic growth.  

$40 annually


Inspired: find new ways to look at things, create motivation, look at new colour combos. We will visit our old favourite"Let's Look at This" where I examine works of others for design and colour cues we can use for our own. I'll review useful books, sites, practises and promising artists to excite and invigorate our hooking work. We will have have inspiration stretching and reaching challenges here to invigorate you and your work.

$40 annually



You are welcome to use the denomination of the country you live in to join up.

I’ll refund the $USD sign up fee and send a $ CAD paypal bill to those who join up in Canada.

All Canadians are subject to HST.

You will need to inform me of your Canadian citizenship please.

I'm looking forward to this new invigorating venture and I hope you will join me. As always I can't wait to see what we will build together.Go here to join the groups you desire. If you join all of them, it will only cost 16.66 each month to collect the treasures from my newsstand! 

Content will start September 1st with a Daily Bread discussion.

Or you can remain a library user perusing the archives, just sit back and enjoy.

The Majic Carpet Dyers Circle will remain free of charge.


Things to look up on The Mat:

Current Dye Formulas 
Gwenn Seemel
You can go here to read her blog
Creativity Boosting Exercises
20 days of 10 minute creative prompts to do 
Refresh and Enrich Yourself
Art is Fun and so is colouring, rug hooking is really all about colouring!
Print some of these free pages out and de-stress.
This is a great guide for us! Go here for your own copy, The Blue Bottle Tree


 If you want to comment on what you see here please use The News 


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The Welcome Mat is Sponsored By


        We respect all styles and levels of woolworking and fiber exploration and our commitment to creativity and colour is our primary goal. Treat all members with respect no matter how hot under the collar you become.

Contents of the pages of the Welcome Mat remain the property of the authors or artists and cannot be printed, copied, saved or stored without the express permission of that originator. That means don't pin or promote someone's property without their permission. Just ask first. Please keep my name attached to anything you use of mine thank you!

When you enter photos on your page they automatically go into the general slideshow.
If they contain information about items for sale or you talk about items you have for sale in a discussion they will be removed.


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