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The Wandarosa Times 2/19

Posted by Wanda Kerr on July 15, 2019 at 6:30am 1 Comment

Can you believe another week has gone by?

We had our hooking class here  on Thursday and because summer is such a busy time for people in a tourist area we had low attendance.

We all miss our classmates and friends when they aren't able to come but we also secretly love having a small class.

So much more time to mull over our possibilities, so much more attention from me. I even had a few minutes to pick up my hook. 

It's a special time when I can join my precious…



Summer Has Arrived!

Notes on SF Collection Pink Sink and Pink Sink Light Show

These are recipes that are interrelated. You must make one to make the other.

First measure out the dye for PINK SINK. Dye one 1/2 yd. Take out wool half way through dye take up. Reserve it and hold it in another receptacle.


Add 1/64th tsp of Chocolate Brown to the dye pot , add in a new piece of  wool, 1/2 yd.

Add acid  when colour is almost clear. This makes Pink Sink Light Show.

Wait until colour is gone throw in the first 1/2 yard ( Pink Sink)  into the now colour free dye pot as an acid bath too.


For the first time in more than 15 years I'm as free as a bird. 


Now I have a special nest to nurse my "eggs" along too, it is glorious. GLORIOUS. We are calling my studio, The Wanderosa.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see my instagram feed to see some. I hope you find it as beautiful as I do! I'd love for you to come!


Such a privilege, such a pleasure. I feel like the luckiest little bird in the world. 

One of my eggs that concerns us all is The Welcome Mat.

I've been short on time for the last couple of years and not been posting so much to the Mat. I miss it. 

Can you take part in a survey ? I'd like to ask you what you want here and what you are willing to give. 

Do we still want this great learning centre and meeting place? I know I do and I hope that's your answer too. I'd like a place you can come for higher learning, real help,  knowledgeable support, a place to deeper into your artistry.  Do you long for that too? A place without politics or pain, a place of peace and positivity, a place to hatch and take wing. 

I hope you want that too. Please take part in my survey here.

 Dyeing Formulas

Remember when I used to write to you darling dyers in my Rug Hooking/ Colours To Dye For column? Those were wonderful days filled with amazing colours! Well..... At the same time I was also writing a column called Dyeing to Know right here inside my Welcome Mat.  All of those columns are now free. Free I say, free and CHOCK FULL OF COLOURS for you to dye.

 The SF Collection

I also have a gorgeous new set of colours that relate splendidly with some clever colour planning and dye tips available to buy at


 They will make you happy!


Video Troubles On the Mat?

If you try to watch a video that is missing.... please go to Wandaway Studio on YouTube to see it

 Cool Things to look up on The Mat:

Current Dye Formulas 
Gwenn Seemel
You can go here to read her blog
Creativity Boosting Exercises
20 days of 10 minute creative prompts to do 
Refresh and Enrich Yourself
Art is Fun and so is colouring, rug hooking is really all about colouring!
Print some of these free pages out and de-stress.
This is a great guide for us! Go here for your own copy, The Blue Bottle Tree


 If you want to comment on what you see here please use The News 


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Another clever Canadian invention Uppercase is THE magazine for the creative and curious, you'll love it! 


        We respect all styles and levels of woolworking and fiber exploration and our commitment to creativity and colour is our primary goal. Treat all members with respect no matter how hot under the collar you become.

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