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Look at the lovely play of colour here.
Dark and light, warm and cool. I don't know what this is but it is lovely.
Do you ever wonder how to make things appear 3-D in rug hooking?

Let's look no further than our hands to hone his skill:

Draw a 3D Hand: Trace your hand with a pencil. Then, with a marker draw a straight line from one side of the paper to the other, making a slight arch when you reach the hand outline and then continuing the straight line to the other side of the paper. 
 I like LOVE this



What I read and heard:


Great Colour Combos

Inspiration for happiness

Things to look up on The Mat:

Current Dye Formulas 
Gwenn Seemel
You can go here to read her blog
Creativity Boosting Exercises
20 days of 10 minute creative prompts to do 
Refresh and Enrich Yourself
Art is Fun and so is colouring, rug hooking is really all about colouring!
Print some of these free pages out and de-stress.
This is a great guide for us! Go here for your own copy, The Blue Bottle Tree


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