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Such a great Guide for us all, I'm especially thrilled to see the far right hand side.... click this graphic to make it bigger!
 First a sunny bouquet for you from me! 
Now just drink this in.
Or this
If you are tied up by dull weather, just look at yellow.


Yellow comes in many ways.

 Our Weekly Tidbit

Here is what yellow means
What are you communicating with the colours used in your rugs?
 I like LOVE this


What I read and heard:


Great Colour Combos


Inspiration for happiness


Things to look up on The Mat:


The Majic Carpet Dyers Circle
A New Section Of The Mat.

Shading - What's it all about?

Shading with textures and plaids

Sophisticated Glow

Current Dye Formulas 
Gwenn Seemel
You can go here to read her blog
Creativity Boosting Exercises
20 days of 10 minute creative prompts to do 
Refresh and Enrich Yourself
Art is Fun and so is colouring, rug hooking is really all about colouring!
Print some of these free pages out and de-stress.

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September 20, 21,22 2017.

We will be studying on layers and I don't mean chickens.

More info to come in March.


        We respect all styles and levels of woolworking and fiber exploration and our commitment to creativity and colour is our primary goal. Treat all members with respect no matter how hot under the collar you become.

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